Ghostown Blues

Here at Ghostown Blues you can experience the organic beauty that remains in the craftsmanship preserved in our high quality, unique accommodations.  Sit by the fire and enjoy the quiet solitude while you enjoy the sunset. Put your feet up on the veranda & enjoy a glass of wine or have your supper out of the back of an original 1925 chuck wagon.  Experience the historic buildings, wagons and structures Greg has spent many years acquiring, relocating and restoring from the pioneer years on the Canadian Prairies. Ghostown Blues is one of, if not the only place in Canada where you can experience a feeling of connection to the land and spirit the early settlers must have felt when they risked it all for a better life in a new land.

Ghostown Blues is also a great venue for weddings, family reunions, conferences, holiday parties, and more.

The Senate Sheep Wagon

Cowgirl comfort!

Cowgirl comfort!

As last century’s version of the RV, sheep wagons are a step back in time. The compact, efficient living space is well-designed  and each wagon has a double bed, retractable table, built-in benches, and storage area. Sheep wagons originated in Wyoming with the development of the sheep industry in the 1870’s.  As the sheep industry expanded rapidly, so did the sheep wagon, following the sheep throughout western North America. Providing a home on wheels, they have become an icon of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of those who first settled the west. A detailed restoration and a permanent porch and patio make these “homes on the range” a comfortable place to spend your holiday. 

Check the Senate Sheep Wagon's availability below.

The Senate can accommodate two adults.

Nightly Rate - $105/night + taxes

Breakfast is included.