The accommodations at Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast are a living museum of pioneer life with a modern twist. Guests stay in historical recreations of prairie living quarters. The lodge serves as a community area and features modern bathrooms, a well-appointed continental breakfast, wireless Internet, and a large porch with full BBQ facilities. The lodge is also where you will find breakfast each morning. A hot breakfast will be available between 6:30 and 11:00 every morning. Guests are also encouraged to use the BBQ and cooking facilities, which include a microwave, fridge, hot plate and coffee pot. Our beautiful new outdoor kitchen features granite counter tops, a sink and refrigerator, as well as a full BBQ with a grill and griddle.

Please be courteous to other guests. Smoking is not allowed in buildings or wagons and please place all trash, seeds ,shells, and butts in the available receptacles. Pets are welcome but loud or disruptive pets must be kenneled off site. An additional $25 cleaning fee will be added for pets.


The lodge serves as a community area with full facilities. It features two private bathrooms, the breakfast bar, and a full-length porch overlooking the campfire. Whether you're sipping tea around the potbelly stove or having a BBQ on the porch, the warmth of this building invites you to enjoy yourself. Nearly a century old, the lodge was originally built in 1912 and served as both a church and a schoolhouse until it was closed in 1949 and relocated to Maple Creek for use as a Lutheran Church. From 1970 on, the building was used for storage until being moved to become the centrepiece at Ghostown Blues. 

Ghostown Blues Lodge
Ghostown Blues Lodge

Sheep Wagons - 2 Available

As last century’s version of the RV, sheep wagons are a step back in time. The compact, efficient living space is well-designed  and each wagon has a double bed, retractable table, built-in benches, and storage area. Sheep wagons originated in Wyoming with the development of the sheep industry in the 1870’s.  As the sheep industry expanded rapidly, so did the sheep wagon, following the sheep throughout Western North America. Providing a home on wheels, they have become an icon of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of those who tamed the Wild West. A detailed restoration and a permanent porch and patio make these “homes on the range” a comfortable place to spend your holiday. 

Thresherman's Wagon -  1 Available

Homestead Cabin - 1 Available

Our cabin originated as a home for one of the local area's first homesteaders. It's now been restored with the same attention to detail as the rest of Ghostown Blues' buildings and makes for a comfortable stay as you explore southwest Saskatchewan. Our cabin sits near the lodge and is furnished with a queen-size bed, dresser, and table.  Its porch makes a comfortable spot to sit out and watch the sun go down.

Ghostown Blues Cabin

Hatton Cabin - 1 Available 

Historic Log Cabin - 1 Available

historic log cabin b&b
historic log cabin accommodation
historic log cabin bed and breakfast

Tents - 2 Options

Supplied Sites - 6 Available

Designed for the modest traveler, each of our tent sites is nestled in amongst our grove of trees and is designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Each site includes access to our showers and breakfast from our well-appointed breakfast each morning.

Bring Your Own Tent

Travelers are allowed to bring their own tents. Showers and breakfast are included.